About us

At MXNEY, we believe there is a better way to fund ecommerce businesses. A more valuable, less invasive way where ecommerce businesses don’t have to take a loan and provide security or give up equity to scale rapidly.

We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help increase ecommerce businesses’ sales.

Meet the team

Morten Lodal Askekilde
Founder, Managing Director

Morten is a lawyer, entrepreneur and investor.

From 2009, Morten worked as a corporate lawyer at the Danish tier1 law firm Kromann Reumert.

In 2016, Morten joined one of the fastest growing F&B concepts in the world, JOE & THE JUICE, and In 2017 he became partner and Director.

In 2019, Morten was recognized as one of Denmark’s 100 biggest business talents by the Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende. Link to article.

Morten has proven transformation results under Private Equity ownership and has high expertise within various areas, including ecommerce, Banking and Financing, Insurance, Legal, Compliance & Risk Management, Communication, Marketing, Public Affairs, PR and Business Development.

Morten holds a Master of Law (LLM) from Copenhagen University

Mads Andreas Olesen
Founder, Managing Director

Mads is a serial entrepreneur and investor. Mads was first noticed when he at the age of 23 was the historically youngest to hold a director position in the danish utility industry.

Mads is former owner and former Commercial Director of the climate friendly utility company Blue Energy A/S focusing on energy from sustainables. Blue Energy’s product innovations have disrupted the utility market and has inspired almost the whole competitive landscape to copy the “Blue Flex” price model making it the new market standard. Mads sold the company in 2017 for more than 15 mio. USD to a British private equity company.

In 2016, Mads was the youngest person recognized as one of Denmark’s 100 biggest business talents by the Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende. Link to article.

In 2016, Mads was awarded as the Danish Young Hope by the Danish start-up association, Ivækst. Link to article.

In 2019, Mads was honered and recognized as one of the worlds brightest young entrepreneurs, leaders and stars under 30 by Forbes. Link to article.

Rasmus Andersen

Despite his modest age, Rasmus has already had experience with finance and marketing as an entrepreneur and freelancer.

Over the past few years, Rasmus has been working in several Danish companies, where he has been involved in various financial-, sales-, and marketing activities, which has given him great in-depth business understanding and broad market insights.

Rasmus holds a degree of Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Economics and Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

Frederik Binow

Frederik is an entrepreneur by heart and has founded several startups and projects in the recent years. In addition, Frederik has diligent experience with stock trading.

In 2019, Frederik joined an exclusive danish entrepreneur network called Student Founders on behalf of which he built a Supply Chain conference from nothing to a well executed event in less than 6 months.

In 2019, Frederik was brought into the global spotlight as Forbes acknowledged him as one of the brightest student talents for the Forbes 30 Under 30 Scholar program.

Frederik holds a degree of Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Strategic Analysis and Systems Design from Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

Mads N. Andreasen
Head Of Talent

Mads is an entrepreneur and has created a tech platform for legal services to provide free legal assistance to other entrepreneurs. He used the platform to make sure entrepreneurs could focus on their business instead of dealing with legal-matters, and law students could gain experience with practical work.

Over the last few years, Mads has been working with different ministries and industry organizations to help them attract the newest generation of employees to various sectors and markets. He has been part of research teams who have been researching in Generation Z, which has given him a great in-depth business understanding on how to attract and recruit talents for MXNEY.

Mads loves to meet people and he loves coffee! He is always open for coffee-appoints so please do not hesitate to send him a message if you are open for opportunities and would like to take part of our journey.

Mads studies Business Administration and Commercial Law (BSc) at Copenhagen Business School.

Christian N. Madsen
Product Engineer

Since a very young age, Christian has been drawn towards entrepreneurship, which has resulted in various startups doing his teenage years.

Christian started programming games and websites at the age of 8 and got his first webhotel at the age of 10. Before he graduated primary school, he started multiple projects ranging from “brick-and-mortar” to E-commerce sites.

At the age of 15 he started his web agency, which he ran while going to high school. The company is specialized in making budget-websites to entrepreneurs in Denmark and has 8 full-time employees.

In recent years, Christian has shared his experiences as a young entrepreneur with lectures. He takes pride in helping other young people who dream of doing business themselves.

Hakan Altintas

Due to his industrious, ambitious and kind personality, Hakan has in a young age achieved impressive results and experience within sales, coaching and management working for several start-ups, medium sized companies and as freelance consultant.

Hakan is a true standup guy who alway spreads good vibes to everyone around him. Not surprisingly, Hakan was in the age of 19 heading a sales departement of more than 30 employees.

Hakan dedicates his limited spare time to help improve the conditions and daily lives of thousands of vulnerable children and young people and holds a position as Chairman of the Board of of Denmark’s largest humanitarian youth organization, The Danish Red Cross Youth’s local department in Roskilde and as internal auditor of the national board.

Hakan studies BSc in Business Administration and Psychology at Copenhagen Business School.

Nikolai Højby

Nikolai comes with an experienced and extensive sales background, having spent over three years working on increasing sales through direct customer relations. Moreover, Nikolai has worked as the Administrative Manager at the student-based recruitment company Studentcrew.

Nikolai is an entrepreneur and started the company High Mile, specializing in tailor made training growth plans for elite athletes, where he worked as Key Coordinator. Specifically, working towards the preparation of written content.

Over the past few years, Nikolai has pursued courses in Google Analytics, Google Ad Words, mail automation, Mail chimp and content creation in order to further develop his already strong digital marketing profile.

Nikolai studies Business Administration and Organizational Communication (BSc) at Copenhagen Business School.

Mette Schlanbusch
Christoffer Fransson