We believe that the well-being of the people behind MXNEY is the key to success.

We want to create a workplace giving all our people a meaningful life full of purpose,  personal growth, and joy.


Anyxne is invited

We believe that creating strong social ties is important for every human and we invite all our people to take part and contribute.

We are a family and anyone is invited, not to be limited by anyone’s background.

We welcome our people to be as different as they want but to never be indifferent. 

Fast-paced high-energetic environment

We work in a fast-paced, high-energetic environment. Independence, resourcefulness and curiosity are key in our environment; we believe our concept is unique and can help ecommerce business all around the world. We believe that embracing the unknown and approaching problems with curiosity and creativity, we can overcome any roadblocks and keep moving forward. If you are in doubt who is responsible, you are!

Wxrk with proud and ambition

At MXNEY we enjoy being ambitious and strive to be the best in all areas, and we always aim to deliver the best possible quality for our employees and customers. We want to be proud of everything we do, and the attitude with which we offer it.

We do not believe in entitlement but we believe in will, the ability to be adapt and opportunity! We believe in the power of discipline, responsibility and precision. We focus on people who are always strives to do their best and always are willing to learn.

Wxrk at MXNEY?

We are always looking for passionate and committed colleagues, who want to create something new and different, within the realm of fintech and investing, with us.

You can always contact our Head of Talent, Mads Neergaard Andreasen if you are interested in a position at MXNEY.