Our product investment program is created to help fund your ecommerce business’ growth without taking a loan and provide complex security or having to sell a piece of your business. We provide capital to ignite your sales on our risk. We only invest in online businesses where we believe our product will have a solid impact on the businesses future sales and growth.

Do you want to know more about MXNEY and our concept? Here are our Frequently Asked Questions:


Our focus at MXNEY is to boost online sales by providing funds for ecommerce businesses by purchasing existing inventory and thereby increasing liquidity to boost the business’ digital advertising to grow online revenue.

We currently only investment in online businesses with a physical product. If your business is not in this category, we do currently not have an investment program in place to support you. However, we are always happy to have an informal chat about how we can support you, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Minimum eligibility criteria includes:

  • at least 3 months of consistent transaction history
  • using a recognized ecommerce shop system and google analytics
  • an average product margin of not less than 15%

MXNEY connects with your key ecommerce channels and platforms and based on our data-driven analysis, it is determined how much capital we can confidently invest in your inventory. Our minimums investments will be DKK 25.000 and maximum is solely based on the size of your current inventory, turnover rate and your transaction history

No. We do not provide a loan so no interest rate applies on the funds we provide. Our concept is based on buying your existing inventory and sell the products back piece by piece at cost price plus a fixed fee when you sell to your customers.

The fixed fee will not change and you will not pay any interest on top of this.

No. MXNEY will not do a credit check as traditional lenders. Before we approve a product investment in your business, we will analyze your business based on data from your google analytics and shop system and decide your eligibility for such investment solely based on your shopdata, such as your transaction history, turnover rate, gross margin and ROAS (return on advertisement spend).

When we do a product investment by purchasing your inventory (in whole or part), you will receive the value of such inventory in cash. Such cash can be used for operations or digital marketing to increase your sales and you will only be paying every time you sell a product to your customers.

Yes, if we only have purchased part of your inventory, we will be happy to assess whether such inventory is eligible for investment based on our standard requirements.

Eligibility is determined based on a combination of factors, including overall inventory volume, transaction history, the products turnover rate and ROAS (return on advertisement spend).

With a product investment, your business sells your existing inventory to MXNEY. As part of the sale, MXNEY will pay the cost price of the inventory as a lump sum that works in a similar manner to receiving funds from a loan.

MXNEY will then sell back the products piece by piece when you sell a product to your customer and you will pay the cost price plus a fixed fee per product. Unlike a loan, a product investment has no set repayment term and MXNEY do not require any security for repayment.

When all the products have been sold, we will reinvest the same amount in new similar inventory products. We will as a minimum invest 8 times in your inventory to ensure your all the time has available liquidity for marketing your products.