We are funding
e-commerce entrepreneurs without taking equity.

MXNEY is a softer take on capital, and a sharper take on know-how. Softer, because we fund you with capital without taking equity or personal guarantees. Sharper, because we’ve assembled a team of growth experts to give you guidance all the way.

      Keep ownership

Profits and control stay with you - bridge your way to Series A.

      Minimize risk

The repayment scheme adjusts with your revenues.

      Training from experts

Get trained by e-commerce experts in marketing, logistics and more.

 Keep ownership

Profits and control stay with you - bridge your way to Series A.

      Minimize risk

The repayment scheme adjusts with your revenues.

      Training from experts

Get trained by e-commerce experts in marketing, logistics and more.

It's Simple and Easy.

We have cracked the code for making capital easily accesible for all types of ecommerce businesses — and it’s simple.


Your funding is
issued as a loan


We earn a
monthly subscription


You grow 80%
in 4 months (average)


The loan is slowly
paid back as you grow.

And we are trusted by growing startups

Aaberg CPH

This is how we change the funding game

Scale fast

Seize your opportunities the same day they appear to you.

Keep ownership

Profits and control stay with you - bridge your way to Series A.

Get flexibility

Overfunding kills startups. Get what you need now and get more later.

Minimize risk

The repayment scheme adjusts with your revenues to ensure balance.

On average, MXNEY grows it portfolio cases with +80% within the first 4 months. The growth result is measured against the prior 4 months revenue.

DKK 200.000

•••• •••• •••• ••••

Get your funding-offer
in 5 minutes or less

Get up to 1m DKK

Repay in 9-12 months

Opt out of personal liability
Receive an offer in 5 minutes


We were fortunate to have the right mentors and backing to get us past the grind and hustle.

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Free growth mentorship

Our ecommerce experts guide your growth based on millions of datapoints and hands-on-experience

Our team of specialists will actively analyze your performance and give you insights to improve your results.


Ecommerce specialists
guide your growth

Weekly feedback right in your inbox

Your growth team tracks your progress and sends you weekly tips for optimization.

Monthly video-call strategy session

Your growth team representative will host a monthly strategy session with you.

Exclusive masterclass training included

Get trained by ecosystem experts in marketing, logistics, finances and much more.


A toolbox of unfair advantages

Deep competitor insights

Get exclusive insights on competitor ads, newsletters and product pricings.

Access our ad library

Hack your time to market with our templates for content, ad copy and more.


Use our calculator
to estimate

Shop URL

Founder Company

Funding amount

Personal liability

Funding rounds

Funding purpose


Term sheet

Company ApS
(The Founder)

MXNEY invest DKK 100.000 2 times in exchange for 0% equity, which means 0% ownership, no dilution and no board seats or similiar control requirements.

The Founder has informed that the capital is intended for marketing, and it is noted that the growth capital also can be used freely for other purposes.

Funding amount
DKK 100.000
Personal liability
Funding rounds
2x DKK 100.000

DKK 100.000 in 5 minutes? One way to find out.


Create your free MXNEY-account and get access to our free e-commerce tools and insights. Among other things, you will get a dashboard of your e-commerce performance in a way you have never experienced before. The best part? It’s free even if we don’t fund you.

Connect your shop-system and marketing channels with your brand new MXNEY dashboard to get live insights. At the same time, our algorithm starts crunching numbers and proposes different funding offers when it’s ready.

Now it’s time to get funded. Pick the offer you’d like, get paid in 300 seconds and blitzscale your business faster than we can say “pow”.


Have you got any questions?

We have gathered the most typical questions below and answered them even before they come to your mind. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, then click here.

MXNEY is a brand new reinvention of fundraising for your e-commerce startup. In technical terms we define ourselves as a FinTech company. But fancy predicates aside, we are really just investing in YOU as a founder of an online business.

The MXNEY-model is simple; we technically issue a loan, but you don’t have any personal liability in this. That means, that the capital is acting like venture capital because of it’s riskwillingness by nature. Typically, venture capital would in exchange cost you a decent portion of your business equity. But MXNEY doesn’t ask for ownership. We have a monthly subscription payment as long as you are actively funded, and that is our bread and butter.

Semantics? But really, what do you think? We support you with industry-specific knowhow and capital at once — and you don’t have to give us personal guarantees. This is very venture-like. But the funded capital, the profit we make and the repayment of the funds is bank-like. Our profits (or interest if you like) is definitely more expensive than the average regular bank loan, but then again, with a bank loan you would typically be personally liable.

When you get funded by MXNEY, we move in our muscle to support you with ideas and advice on case specific subjects. Through the communication panel, we send you feedback, ideas and laserfocused advice on adjustments to your ad campaigns and much more. By end of each month, we book a virtual meeting to discuss your progress and freely go over whatever might be on your mind.

Simply click here and book a call.

Yes, now that you ask so politely. We actually do have a free trial on capital, how cool is that? We will fund $1,500 for ads, and you can pay it back in 7 days. It’s kinda illusorical, cause you probably already know the value and effect of capital. But with the trial you get to try the whole onboarding-flow, experience how a payout works and how the dashboard serves business insights on a platter for you. After the trial, you can discontinue or grow with MXNEY — the choice is yours. Get the free trial here.

We will break your.. nah, the copywriter is just kidding. We are grown-ups and good with numbers and predictions. Like our coders say; real developers don’t take backups, they cry over lost code. And in the same way, we know that not all startup tales end well. But hey, let’s try and rewrite that tale and get you the castle and the horses, yeah?

No. That’s the whole point. Your business, your success. But we might blog about you though (with your permission).

MXNEY believes in longlasting relations and trustbuilding, and we have learned that entrepreneurs are so bold, that they often build one startup after the other. So why not think of the relationship as an ongoing thing on a personal level? The longer we work together with YOU as a person, the more you build your score as a founder, so next time you reach out, you will already be pre-approved to for larger deals and benefits.

It sounds good, but it’s not that hard to believe when you hear this; businesses are moving online — an environment where everything can be tracked and calculated. Seemingly, there’s an abundance of messy data, but what if somebody could gather that data, clean it and make sense out of it? The financial industry hasn’t seized all opportunities with that data, actually far form. So we figured “why not be the one-trick-pony that does one thing really, really well?”. As your business is online, lots of things are measureable and can be analyzed. We go deeper in data, so we can go higher in risk. Conventional sources might just be curious if you own a car as collateral.

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