Our story

MXNEY was founded in 2020 by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to provide smart growth capital based on in-depth market expertise for ecommerce businesses.

Most ecommerce businesses…

often have to choose between investing in inventory, digital marketing or operations and access to capital often becomes the biggest obstacle to increase sales, win market shares or expand new product lines.

Banks and other traditional lenders are not built to understand and serve ecommerce businesses and normally require several years of business, audited financial statements, lengthy and complicated application processes, complex collateral obligations and fixed repayment schedules.

MXNEY was founded

… by Morten Lodal Askekilde and Mads Andreas Olesen to close the gap in traditional lenders’ inadequacy and provide data-driven growth capital based on indebt market expertise with no interest rates, no equity, no dilution, no personal guarantees and flexiable repayment through future sales empowering online businesses to grow rapidly and reach their full potential.

We love to hear from all types of ecommerce businesses, and more importantly, we would love to hear about yours and see if we can help you scale your business.

Feel free to contact us.